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Feel free to browse our specialty products below and please contact us if you don't see what you need!

PTM Specialty Products

Safe -- Healthy -- Efficient

Ultra-Violet Sanitation

PTM Manufacturing has the ability to meet the unique needs of any customer through creativity and partnership.

  • Create a HVAC system that sanitizes airflow while providing industry leading insulation values through the use of our specialized Kingspan KoolDuct assemblies.

  • Through a one of a kind 3rd party partnership, PTM is able to provide pre-installed ultra-violet disinfecting assemblies in ductwork segments delivered ready to install to the customer.


Quality Materials -- Factory Installed

Quiet Airflow - Factory Installed

Looking for a quality sound liner installed in your ductwork? Look no further than PTM's shop fabricated KoolDuct ductwork of which can be fabricated with an optional pre-applied (generic name for Armaflex). 

Enjoy the benefits of significantly quieter air flow, and reduced HVAC unit noise transmission delivered directly to your project.


Quiet Airflow - In the Field

PTM Manufacturing's Patented Techna-Duc system is able to seamlessly cover and insulate standard sound attenuator units even after their installed in the field.

Enjoy the benefits of incorporating the sound attenuator of your choice into the Techna-Duc insulation system layout and therefore the confidence of a 20-year warranty!

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