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Patented Interior Phenolic Ductwork

Kingspan KoolDuct® is the PTM distributed, SMACNA compliant system which is a pre-insulated, high performance air duct system for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

The Kingspan KoolDuct® system is comprised of phenolic foam board with a reinforced foil facing inside and out. Connections are easily made via the engineered and patented flanging systems designed to connect the duct sections to assure a strong, tight closure.

The Kingspan KoolDuct® system offers significant advantages over insulated sheet metal ductwork. KoolDuct® is typically half the joints and hangers compared to sheet metal, thus contributing to a one trade installation that is faster and saves money.

Recommended Uses:

The SMACNA compliant Kingspan KoolDuct® system is used in commercial, residential and industrial applications as a complete indoor air distribution system. If you are interested in saving: weight, space, installation time, compressing construction timelines, reducing installed costs, reducing air leakage and improving energy performance, then KoolDuct® is the solution for you.

Features and Benefits:


  • Kingspan KoolDuct® offers a significant installed cost savings over insulated sheet metal systems based on the size of the ductwork and complexity of the project

  • Kingspan KoolDuct® yields significant HVAC runtime savings in reduced heating and cooling loads due to the superior insulating properties of the phenolic panel and minimal air leakage of the jointing system

  • Kingspan KoolDuct® offers many design advantages over sheet metal systems, resolving issues such as weight, space, installation time, and energy performance

  • Fully assembled and factory sealed

  • Single trade installation

  • Joint system is virtually airtight and leak-free

  • Kingspan KoolDuct® is thinner than comparable fiberglass insulation saving space

  • Easily attaches to all components such as fire dampers, VCDs, attenuators, and conventional sheet metal ductwork

  • Operating pressures up to positive 4” w.g. (1000 Pa)., negative 3" w.g. (750 Pa.)

  • Kingspan KoolDuct® is up to 85% less weight than insulated sheet metal ductwork

  • Thermal properties R-6, 7/8 thickness; R-8, 1 3/16 thickness

  • UL 181 Listed

  • Meets ASTM-E-84 Smoke and Flame for use in the US and Canada

  • Antimicrobial silicone does not promote mold and mildew

  • All certified contractors attend a specialized training program to ensure that uniform quality standards are maintained

  • All ductwork fabrication materials are supplied by PTM, ensuring the highest quality and consistency in your ductwork project

  • Kingspan KoolDuct® is ideal for jobs where a non-fibrous solution is desired. The air stream in the sealed duct flows only on aluminum, making it ideally suited for high specification applications

  • Kingspan KoolDuct® system uses a CFC/HCFC-free phenolic foam board with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)


KoolDuct Specification Upon Request

One Trade Installation

KoolDuct® Installs Fast, Even With Only One Mechanic

25' of KoolDuct® is Easily Lifted by 2 Guys

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