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PTM Manufacturing, LLC, presents the solutions you are looking for.  As an industry leader in advanced HVAC system air distribution and insulation technologies designed to improve building energy efficiency, reduce total energy consumption and lower cost, we provide custom fabricated, LEED eligible interior and exterior pre-insulated Kingspan KoolDuct®, Dual-Tech®, and Techna-Duc® which support sustainable building practices for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

PTM manufactures patented Techna-Duc® insulation systems for exterior HVAC ducting applications. Techna-Duc forms a water-tight shield against the environment and has been documented to reduce system energy output by up to 25%.

PTM also distributes and fabricates the Kingspan KoolDuct® product line – used worldwide as a premier air conveyance system. Designed to combine insulation and ducting for more thermally efficient HVAC performance,  Kingspan KoolDuct® practically eliminates system air leakage, improves indoor air quality, boosts overall energy efficiency and can reduce unit fan operation by as much as 30%.

PTM has also combined the advantages of Kingspan KoolDuct® with the durability of our patented Techna-Duc® in its all-in-one patented Dual-Tech®.  PTM's Dual-Tech® system is a pre-insulated air distribution system suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The combined benefits yield a pre-insulated, water-tight shield that practically eliminates system air leakage, improves indoor air quality, boosts overall energy efficiency, and facilitates a one-trade installation that speeds up install time.

New construction or retrofit, PTM can maximize your building’s HVAC efficiency and save you moneycontact us to find out how.

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