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Patented Exterior Phenolic Ductwork

Dual-Tech® is the PTM PATENTED pre-insulated ducting system that combines the features and benefits of the SMACNA compliant Kingspan KoolDuct® with Techna-Duc® in an all-in-one air distribution system.

Dual-Tech® is the pre-fabricated, double-layer ducting system that is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Its .032 aluminum jacketing is the exterior armor to the SMACNA compliant Kingspan KoolDuct® that is UL 181 listed as a Class 1 Air Duct system. It is CFC/HCFC-free, using a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP), which makes it environmentally friendly.

The Dual-Tech® system eliminates the need to install insulation as a second operation; this faster, single trade install reduces time onsite and improves overall construction schedules. If you want to save time, reduce construction timelines, and save money - then Dual-Tech® is for you.

PTM Dual-Tech® greatly reduces HVAC system run time by providing a virtually airtight system with <1% air leakage with a standard R-16 insulation rating. This reduces utility costs greatly and virtually eliminates maintenance costs over the life of the product. In addition to all these benefits, we confidently back Dual-Tech® by PTM’s 20 year limited warranty!

Recommended Uses:

   PTM Dual-Tech® is primarily designed for exterior HVAC ducting applications on new construction and existing HVAC upgrades. It delivers a maximum Static Pressure of positive 4 in. w.g./1000Pa and negative 3 in. w.g./750Pa. that will easily achieve SMACNA air leakage Class 3.

   PTM Dual-Tech® is suitable for interior applications as well. It is ideal for exposed ducting in mechanical equipment rooms, gymnasiums or anywhere a protection jacketed duct is needed.

   PTM Dual-Tech® is the perfect choice for all HVAC supply, return, fresh air, and outside air ducting needs, providing long-term energy efficiencies that will improve the IAQ of the building.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dual-Tech® carries a 20 year limited warranty

  • Dual-Tech® resolves issues that exist with many traditional sheet metal systems with insulation – such as weight, space, installation time, and energy performance.

  • Dual-Tech® is ideal for jobs where a non-fibrous solution is desired. The air stream in the sealed duct flows only on aluminum, making it ideally suited for high specification applications

  • Dual-Tech®'s patented system combined with the fully sealed duct seams produce a system that is virtually airtight

  • Dual-Tech® yields significant savings in reduced heating and cooling loads due to the superior insulating properties of the phenolic panel and minimal air leakage of the jointing system

  • Dual-Tech® offers significant installed cost savings over other insulated sheet metal systems

  • Fully assembled and factory sealed

  • Single trade installation

  • Improves installation speed (2x that of sheet metal and insulation)

  • Superior strength (double-layer construction)

  • R12 or R-16 thermal rating (greater values available)

  • White heat reflective finish standard (others available)

  • Low air leakage: Less than 1%

  • Inner layer fabricated to , UL-181 Listed Class 1 Ducting

  • Whole life cost savings up to 30% over 30 years

  • Eliminates fibers from the air stream

  • Reduces weight loads (1/3 the weight of sheet metal & insulation), less than 2 lbs. / sq. ft.

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions (1.79 lb./sq. ft. of bldg. floor area)

  • Ductwork fabricated from the SMACNA compliant Kingspan KoolDuct® system can contribute points towards achieving credits, including pilot credits, in many of the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) rating systems, developed by the USBGC (United States Green Building Council)


Dual-Tech Specification Upon Request

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